FFC: Day 5

My favorite thing about July 4th is that it gets better every year I do it here in DC. This year the weather was absolutely remarkable, my food was over-the-top scrumptious (the tequila-soaked watermelon and feta dip especially), the company was lovely, and they installed a speaker closer to our picnic spot by the FDR Memorial so that we could actually hear the music with the Fireworks (serious kudos to whichever agency was responsible for that).

View from FDR Memorial

On the dress front, things are going well. I splurged this weekend on some favorite foods, but still kept it healthy and mostly carb-lite. Today I stumbled upon a perfect lunch meal, and I am excited that it included GI low items, but enough protein to keep me full. Basically it was half a can of low-sodium refried black beans, already-cooked strips of grass-fed beef, chopped tomatoes, two cups of spinach, and half an avocado. Easy to make, yummy to eat, and all goodness.

I am also experimenting with Turmeric, as I kept reading great things about it for women with PCOS as well as being a good anti-inflammatory for when I box too hard and make my muscles sore (as I did this weekend).

Hope you all had a great Fourth! Can’t believe that it is almost mid-July already, this summer is just flying by.

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